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The “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize” is created and organized by Porta Coeli Foundation and aims to foster Contemporary Art as a means for social and cultural development. The Prize was conceived to ensure a primary role to contemporary art within the framework of artistic and cultural European events of interest involving the town of Matera and the Basilicata region.
The “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize” is intended as a biennial international event to be held in the most evocative venues in the Basilicata region, historically tending towards multicultural integration due to its central position in the Mediterranean area. The “Mediterranean” as a concept rather than a mere place is meant to inspire the creation of absolutely free and original artistic themes, identity-oriented and open to cultural contaminations at the same time. Thinking “Mediterranean” equals recognizing the undeniable value of diversity and seeing cultural contamination as the only instrument for individuals and communities’ evolution, not as a risk for each single identity. Thus, the international nature of the format, aimed at a wide range of individualities and cultural identities, wants to offer an extraordinary opportunity for encounter, dialogue and growth at a time in which the word “evolution” seems to refer to increasingly stereotyped and uniformed solutions.
The carefully selected exhibition space will immerse artists and artworks into the dearest that were dear to Emperor Frederick II. Known as Stupor Mundi, in the Middle Ages he promoted the concept of human knowledge unity and universality, feasible only allowing exchange between cultural identities, each contributing with their own knowledge.
The Castel Lagopesole village will host the contemporary art group exhibition “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize” in its Frederick’s castle and Medieval atmospheres.

For the first edition of the Prize to celebrate the role of Matera as European Capital of Culture, Porta Coeli Foundation offers the “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize | European Capital of Culture 2019”. The Prize enjoys the moral patronage of a number of institutions and is supported by
non-governmental partners.


The “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize | European Capital of Culture 2019” will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place artists in each of the categories listed below.

The Jury may decide to bestow ex-aequo prizes in case of equal results.

Details of the prizes:

The “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize | European Capital of Culture 2019” to be awarded to 1st place artists in each category includes:
- 1000 €;
- personalized artistic trophy made by a master smelter;
- certificate containing the motivation for the prize awarded by the Jury;
- mini-solo exhibition in one European city during the month of December 2019.

The “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize | European Capital of Culture 2019” for 2nd place artists in each of the six categories features:
- personalized artistic trophy made by a master smelter;
- certificate containing the motivation for the prize awarded by the Jury;
- mini-solo exhibition in one European City during the month of December 2019.

The “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize | European Capital of Culture 2019” for 3rd place artists in each of the six categories includes:
- personalized artistic trophy made by a master smelter;
- certification containing the motivation for the prize awarded by the Jury.

The “Artist in Residence” Prize.

Within the “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize 2019”, three “Artist in Residence” Prizes will be awarded to the most talented artists in the “painting”, “sculpture and installation” and “photography” categories.
The Prize is aimed at offering to artists the chance to research and produce art in local realities, both through guided tours and sharing their experience with the community of Sant’Angelo le Fratte.
The Municipality of Sant’Angelo le Fratte, a small hamlet in the south of Italy, is rich in history and culture and shows a lively contemporary art scene, together with a strong vocation towards artistic ad cultural phenomena, able to connect past and present, local and global.
The awarded artists will choose freely the start date of their residency within the September 2019-July 2020 time span.

The “Artist in Residence” Prize includes:

  • board and lodging;
  • working spaces;
  • materials;
  • logistics;
  • lecture.

The artists selected in one or more categories of the “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize” (art.6) will receive notification and form by e-mail in order to formalize their application to the “Artist in Residence” Prize.
Each awardee willing to take part in the residency will not be required to pay any additional fee. The “Artist in Residence” Prize is compatible with the other listed prizes.
The international Jury features well-referenced personalities from the academic and museum world, art critics and art historians.
The Jury may also confer special prizes offered by the Partners.
Moreover, a Special Mention prize will be bestowed by the President of Porta Coeli Foundation to the artist who will distinguish himself/herself by the best expression of the concept “Mediterranean”.
Artworks will be evaluated by the international Jury during the group exhibition by designating the winners in each category.
The decision of the international Jury shall be final and irrevocable.


The Prize is open to all Artists, with no restrictions of age, sex, nationality or any other qualifications. Each artist can participate in more than one category with three published or unpublished artworks maximum.

Details are indicated as follows.
Each artist can participate in the selection phase submitting his/her application to the e-mail address of the Prize:

In order to participate in the selection, artists shall:

  • send high-resolution images (2 MB at least, JPEG format) of each artwork proposed for the Prize. For 3D artworks, images shall show the different projections of the work;
  • provide the following information for each artwork: title, year, dimensions and technique;
  • send, together with the abovementioned images and technical details, a short updated artistic CV including personal data, Country of origin and phone number;
  • for the “performance” category, the artists shall send a short presentation of the project accompanied by images and / or videos.

All artworks have to have been made within the last five years previous to the date of application to the Prize.
The selection phase will be closed no later than 15 May 2019, unless otherwise established by the Board of Porta Coeli Foundation, in case of deadline extension for exceptional circumstances.

The selection phase is curated by the Scientific Committee of Porta Coeli Foundation and accredited selectors designated by mandate of the President of the Foundation. The members of the Scientific Committee and the selectors are chosen in virtue of specific academic references and/or their long-time verified experience within the artistic field.

The selection will be done on the basis of the digital images received.

The Prize organization staff may contact the artist in case further details are needed. The contact shall be attempted only at the phone number or e-mail address provided with the application form.

Results will be notified to the candidate artists within the third working day immediately following their application to the selection phase.


Artists who will have passed the selection phase will receive an e-mail notification containing documents to formalize the application to the “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize”. In particular, the selected artists shall fill in, sign and send the documents listed below to

  • the Prize application agreement form;
  • valid identity document;
  • bank receipt certifying the effected payment of the participation fee as established in this call.

The admission phase will be closed before the abovementioned deadline in case the maximum number of eligible candidate artists is reached. This is to safeguard the quality of the exhibition space to highly valorize each of the participants.


The artworks admitted to the “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize” will be part of a group exhibition to be held in the prestigious medieval Lagopesole castle (Municipality of Avigliano, in the province of Potenza, Italy).
The exhibition will be opened on 18 July 2019 and closed on 28 July 2019 with the award ceremony.
All artists admitted to the Prize will receive the detailed program and any updates with adequate advance notice.


The categories of the “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize” are:

  • Painting: artworks made in any style and technique and on any support. The maximum size allowed is 120 cm base, 150 cm height.
  • Sculpture and installation: artworks made of any material, may also include sounds, lights, video and mechanical or electric movements. The maximum size allowed for artworks to be placed in uncovered spaces is: 3m base, 3 m depth, 3m height. For artworks to be placed in covered spaces, the maximum size allowed is: 1 m base, 1m depth, 2m height.
  • Photography: photos taken with analog or digital device, printed on bidimensional supports made of any material. The maximum size allowed is 120 cm base, 150 cm height.
  • Digital art: images and artworks created or manipulated with computer software, tablet, smartphone, applications, wherein image manipulation is prevailing. This category includes digital painting artworks and photos as long as they show visible signs of image manipulation. Artworks shall be presented on bidimensional supports made of any material. Maximum size per side shall not exceed 120 cm base, 150 cm height.
  • Drawing, graphics and calligraphy: bidimensional drawings, created also through printmaking techniques (engraving, intaglio carving, etching, aquatint etc.). Pen and ink calligraphy artworks are included in this category. The maximum size allowed shall not exceed 120 cm base, 150 cm height.
  • Performance: creative projects made by one or more artists centered on the body, making use of any expressive technique and any other material provided by the artists themselves if needed. The selected artists will present their performance during the kermess, according to a previously established schedule. Each performance shall be a ten-minute maximum adaptation of the whole project.

Each artist can participate in one or more categories. Artworks to be displayed on wall shall be equipped with proper system or structure allowing the best set-up.
For floor-standing artworks, pedestals, if needed, shall be provided by each artist or requested in advance to the Prize organization office under payment of the relative added cost.


The “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize” is organized by Porta Coeli Foundation, a non-profit organization, only promoter and organizer of all processes, exclusively assuming all responsibilities connected to the realization of the initiative. For partial covering of total costs, all artists admitted to the Prize will be required to pay a participation fee based on the following details.

A 250 € (two hundred and fifty) participation fee is established for one single artwork per artist in all categories. A 150 € (one hundred and fifty) fee shall be added for each additional artwork. Three artworks maximum per artist are allowed.

In case one artist intends to participate in more than one category, the total participation cost will be calculated according to the following method:
example 1: 250 € for 1 artwork in the “painting” category + 150 € for 1 artwork in the “sculpture and installation” category + 150 € for 1 artwork in the “photography” category = 550 € total participation fee;
example 2: 400 € (250 € + 150,00 €) for 2 artworks in the “painting” category + 150 € for 1 artwork in any other category = 550 € total participation fee.
In brief, artists participating with one artwork in any category are required to pay a 250 € participation fee. One artist participating with two artworks in the same or different categories is required to pay a 400 € (250 € + 150 €) participation fee. One artist participating with three artworks (maximum number of artworks allowed per each artist) is required to pay a 550 € participation fee.
All this, regardless of the size of the artworks, as long as they respect the maximum size allowed, as indicated above in Art.6 CATEGORIES AND TECHNIQUES of this call.
The selected artists will be admitted to the competition only upon payment of the participation fee indicated in this document. Payment shall be made by bank credit transfer within the ten working days immediately following the admission notification (bank credit transfer details and modalities will be specified in the agreement to be signed in case of admission to the Prize).
The participation fee covers the following services:
1. Exhibition space;
2. Organization staff available during any phase;
3. Storage, unpacking, set-up and dismantling;
4. Cleaning and security service;
5. Cvil liability insurance;
6. Free copy of the catalogue;
7. Certificate of participation;
8. Digital press review;
9. Preferential tariffs agreed upon with Hotels and Restaurants exclusively for participating artists and their families and/or companions;
10. Realization of secondary events;
11. Video and photo service.


The “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize” welcomes sponsorship initiatives allowing one artist or groups of artists to participate in the Prize enjoying financial support by third parties for partial or total covering of the participation fee costs. Artists are required to find sponsors autonomously. If enjoying sponsor financial support, artists shall give adequate notice in a timely manner. As a Porta Coeli Foundation policy, sponsorship of companies or subjects producing and selling weaponry and/or products and services of doubtful ethics will not be accepted.
The name and logo of each sponsor will be included in the Prize official catalogue and on promotional material. Therefore, artists enjoying sponsorship shall provide all the details needed (sponsor company name, web site and logo) to the Prize Organization Office.


The admitted artworks shall reach Porta Coeli Foundation’s collection and storage Centre no later than 10 July 2019 at the following address:
Porta Coeli Foundation Centro ricezione opere at Associazione Pro Loco Viale I maggio snc 85020 Filiano PZ – ITALIA.
Any delay may imply organizational and set-up problems. Porta Coeli Foundation will decline any responsibility on the matter.
Alternatively, artist may deliver the artworks admitted to the Prize themselves, by reaching Porta Coeli Foundation’s collection and storage Centre (Associazione Pro Loco di Filiano VIALE I Maggio snc 85020 Filiano PZ - ITALIA) from 16 May 2019 to 10 July 2019.
All artworks delivered or shipped within 10 July 2019 will be transferred and displayed in the respective exhibition spaces by the Staff of the Prize. In case the artworks will not reach the Prize collection and storage Centre within the abovementioned deadline, artists (or whom on their behalf) will be required to deliver and display their own artworks themselves during the set-up phase (13-17 July 2019), respecting the assigned spaces and technical information provided.
Artists, or their sponsors, are in charge of all shipment, delivery and return costs, together with any customs fees.
To facilitate artworks shipment, Porta Coeli Foundation has stipulated an agreement with APICE ROMA S.R.L.
The artists admitted to the Prize can benefit from the agreement contacting the company themselves, without Porta Coeli Foundation intermediation.
Obviously, each artist can choose freely among other companies available for artworks shipment, delivery and processing of customs procedures. In Italy, these may occasionally be complex and require longer times. Therefore, it is highly recommended to make use of the abovementioned logistic partner or other equally qualified companies. In terms of transportation, it is highly recommended to apply the common-sense rules for artworks safety, respecting national and international norms.
Artists may contact the logistic partner at the following addresses and numbers:
VIA TIVOLI 30-32 00156 ROMA
tel. +39 064120.0404 - fax + 39 064114532


The Organization staff will assign spaces depending on technical reasons and artistic curation.
The space assigned by the Organization is final and irrevocable. During the days dedicated to set-up, the Staff of the Prize will supervise the process, verifying also that all artworks are in the right places. These can be modified by the Staff in case changes are needed for organizational reasons.
Dedicated booths may be assigned to groups of artists collectively represented by Institutions or sole sponsor.
For sacred art creators, contiguous dedicated booths may be provided.


At the end of the group exhibition, dismantling will be guaranteed by the Staff of Porta Coeli Foundation. All artists shall pack their artworks and collect them from the respective exhibition spaces, themselves or charging a logistic operator with the task, within the 24 hours following the closing of the exhibition, that is by 29 July 2019.
At the end of the 24-hour time span, all not collected artworks will be stored into a dedicated safe center for ten more days. By the end of the ten-day deadline, Porta Coeli Foundation may accept not collected artworks as a donation by deed of gift.


As organizer of the “Mediterranean contemporary Art Prize”, Porta Coeli Foundation shall neither be considered liable for any damages, directly or indirectly deriving from any actions of one or more participating artists, nor for non-compliance with the regulations listed in this document. In particular, Porta Coeli declines any liabilities for possible damage to artworks during transportation.
Artists are the only responsible for their artworks and behavior during the exhibition. Moreover, artists shall relieve Porta Coeli Foundation from any liabilities regarding issues that may arise in terms of authenticity, origin and value of the artworks on show and from any commercial, administrative and fiscal obligations.
Security service will be guaranteed in the exhibition spaces; however, Porta Coeli Foundation will not be liable for any damage or theft that might happen to artists and/or their properties.


Porta Coeli Foundation will have the right to capture and record, themselves or through authorized operator, photos and videos of the artworks on show and of any other phase of the Prize. Photos and videos will be used for promotional and/or information purpose on media and social networks.

Art. 14 - WARNINGS

It is forbidden to move the artworks out of their spaces during the group exhibition.
Dismantling is forbidden before the closing of the exhibition. Any special needs shall be discussed with and authorized by the curator of the Prize.
Artworks collected during the kermess shall imply artist withdrawal from the Prize.
The presence of the participating artists in the exhibition spaces will be greatly appreciated but allowed only during the opening hours of the same.


This call and other documents sent to the admitted artists contain regulations and are an agreement between the participating artist and Porta Coeli Foundation, organizer of the Prize. Therefore, Porta Coeli Foundation is entitled to modify or add new regulations, notwithstanding this document, if they might be functional to a best organization of the experience.
Porta Coeli Foundation is entitled to exclude any artwork containing implicit or explicit messages damaging the Foundation’s image. Exclusion will happen in case artworks are harmful of the universal principles of equality, respect of minorities and religious sensibilities and individuals’ fundamental rights in general. In case of non-compliance with the indicated regulations, Porta Coeli Foundation will be free to cancel this agreement with the artist. Porta Coeli Foundation’s right to cancellation includes artists’ behaviors against European/Italian laws or common ethics.
Porta Coeli Foundation is entitled to modify date and/or time and/or the exhibition spaces due to force majeure. In case the kermesse is cancelled due to force majeure, artists will have the right to fee refund, without interests. Moreover, deposited participation fees will not be refunded by Porta Coeli Foundation if the exhibition is closed ahead of time or temporarily interrupted due to unpredictable events or force majeure.
Once the application is submitted, in case one artist renounces to participate in the Prize, the deposited participation fee will be refunded only upon formal request within 10 days from the date of the payment.


This call is written in Italian and translated into English. At the moment of application to the selection phase and to the Prize in case of eventual admission, each artist will receive this document and the enclosed forms both in original and English translated version. Any dispute deriving from different interpretation of this document shall be resolved referring to the original Italian version of the same and exclusively submitted to the competent Court in Potenza.

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Terms and conditions

The Prizes