Angelo Bianco Chiaromonte
Director Fondazione SoutHeritage per l’arte contemporanea

He studied Architecture, Museology and Art History. Since 2004, he has been the artistic director of SoutHeritage Foundation for Contemporary Art, for which he curates cultural programs, acquisitions, and curatorial projects that connect art and the rehabilitation of dormant sites. He is a consultant, planner and editor for public and private institutions throughout Europe. He currently collaborates with Bienal del Sur.

Aniello Ertico
President Porta Cœli Foundation

Clinical sociologist, doctor of Psychology, doctor of International relations, President of the Association of Italian sociologists, he is the founder of Porta Cœli Foundation, which has been active in and out of regional territory for years. He inspires his activities with the values of humanism, understanding art and cultural activities as opportunities for individual and collective development, the triggering of relationships and collective social growth.

Renato Maffione
Anthropophenomrnologically oriented psychiatrist

Graduate in Medicine, Specialized in Psychiatry (anthropo-phenomenological theoretical basis). Specialized in psychotherapy with transactional analytic orientation. Served as head doctor at the Don Uva Center in Potenza, promoter of the Psychopathology of expressive activities workshops and supervisor of the Music therapy workshop.

Elizabeth Shirinyan
Education director Cafesjian Center for the Arts

MA in History of arts, lecturer and professor, she worked for many important events, organizations and institutions in Armenia, Syria, Russia, and Italy, including Armenian center for contemporary experimental art. For the last eleven years, she has been working in the field of museum education, becoming the director of education at the Cafesjian center for the arts in 2018.

Luigina Tomay
Superintendent of archaeology fine arts and landscape for Basilicata

Ph.D. in Archaeology, she has previously served as director of national archaeological museums in Venosa, Montesarchio and Pontecagnano. She has directed major excavation campaigns, designed and directed restoration works, and curated numerous exhibitions, especially on Roman and pre-Roman times. Since 2021 she has been superintendent in Basilicata, particularly attached to Monteserico.