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Under the Brick. Community narrations at the core of an artistic journey

A seminar by Dario Carmentano

In the past the sense of belonging was strong and motivated, it was a feeling that was translated with the word “love”, love for the family, love for God, love for the homeland. Love characterized us by making us feel like children, parents, Christians, Italians and so on. In the contemporary world the firm and absolute faith with which man was subjected to the reassuring and totalizing ideals of the great narratives was transformed into a skepticism that led to a collapse of the great narratives themselves. Contemporary man finds himself living in a relativism and in a constant multiplicity of occasions that lead him to experience his life from time to time, constituting his beliefs and choices. The pressure to which he is subjected is very strong and must respond with pragmatism and choose temporary and fragmentary solutions, aware that there is no absolute and undying meaning. His nomadism and the unfolding of his choices in itinere constitute his personal history, or rather his identity or even better his diversity and otherness. On these assumptions it is difficult to identify oneself in collective and absolute structures and swear undying loyalty. In the light of the radical transformations induced by technology, geopolitics and geo-economics and by interests that exceed all nationalist values, boundaries and identifications, the collective imagination captures the obvious truths and embarrassing contradictions that I invade the institutional, political, economic and religious world. In this context, what value does the feeling of belonging take? Of collectivity? From “we” we have passed to “mine” and personal affirmation has become the construct of much of western culture centered on the concept of progress, supremacy and success. How to read in art what has happened?


Jul 26 2019


17:00 - 18:30


Lagopesole Castle


Lagopesole Castle
Castello di Lagopesole

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