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M.E.M.O.Ri. and community museum practices

A seminar by “La luna al guinzaglio”

M.e.m.o.ri is a temporary museum for Matera 2019 that comes from a journey between Europe and the Mediterranean in search of souvenirs and handmade items. As it passes through different places, the object of the search has changed along with the very meaning of the souvenir, generating a transition from typical object to topical object. Without offering answers but trying to ask questions, M.e.m.o.ri feeds curiosity in regard to the line between art and non-art, elevating the everyday to an object of attention, trying to make the usual reality extraordinary.
An excellent example of how practices borrowed from contemporary art can become collective processes for nuclei of communities.


Jul 23 2019


17:00 - 18:30


Lagopesole Castle


Lagopesole Castle
Castello di Lagopesole

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